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Healing through Art

Sculpted Clay uses theatrical productions and workshops to help schools create trauma sensitive environments for both students and teachers

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What is Sculpted Clay?

Born out of 20+ years of educating youth in environments ranging from juvenile detention facilities to public schools and private institutions, Sculpted Clay Productions utilizes the transformative power of theatre to strengthen social-emotional connections in school environments.  

Theatrical Productions

Sculpted Clay uses three separate productions to reach high school students, elementary school students, and educators from all walks of life

Workshops and Residencies

Each production is coupled with optional workshops or residencies designed to explore specific themes addressed in the plays

Research Based Approach

Each workshop is designed using research infused, inquiry-based methods by curriculum writers and career long education specialists

Discover What we offer

Sculpted Clay offers unique programming for students and teachers. Along with each of our plays, a residency or workshop can be booked to extend the learning and the fun!


Sculpting Clay or How I Became Mother of Unicorns


Standing on the Edge


A play for Young Audiences


Workshops, REsidencies, and Private Lessons

What are People Saying About Sculpted Clay?

“I am a better artist and educator simply by having the opportunity to attend this professional development. She’s all that!!”

–Cullen Waller, Music Department Chairperson

“I think for adults it’s hard to imagine what impact this play had but I can confidently say that the impact is HUGE. To have this intelligent, interesting, creative ADULT validate your thoughts and ideas and genuinely want to hear what you have to say is an intensely powerful experience.”

–Stefanee Martin, Former Student

“This professional development workshop during our regularly scheduled staff PD was outstanding! My colleagues and I were completely engaged throughout. I was particularly impressed with her professionalism, knowledge of curriculum and ability to make each of us feel like rock stars! You can’t go wrong working with this dynamic thinker, organizer, writer, creator, teacher, and all around artist.” 

–Christopher Assing, Teacher Mentor

“We have so much genuine love and respect for Ayesis Clay. As a parent, I thank her for being such a positive influence on my daughter.”

–Veronica Batie, Parent

Sculpting Clay or How I Became Mother of Unicorns

Fantastical projections accompany this compelling story of one woman’s journey of overcoming trauma, holding onto hope and inspiring her students and their families. 

This unique 2-2.5 hour presentation is guaranteed to hold your staff’s attention. Not your typical professional development!

About the Show

Solo show that can be performed in spaces ranging from classrooms to full sized stages. Run time: 50 minutes (show only, not including workshop)

Unicorn Teachers

Unicorn Teachers is the accompanying professional development that helps schools create systems to combat secondary traumatic stress in educators and lessen the effects of teacher burnout. Run time: 60-90 minutes

Standing on the Edge

When young people are faced with the realities of growing up in an imperfect world that consistently attempts to avert them from their dreams, they must make the choice to either be led down the road of temptation or to realize their own ultimate strength.

This fast paced, rhythm infused production is suitable for grades 8-12. Run time: 45 minutes 

About the Show

Themes covered include: negotiating changing relationships, taking responsibility, challenging public perceptions maintaining friendships in conflict.

The Standing on the Edge Experience

Master teacher-led residency culminating in a performance of the play with a targeted multimedia assisted talkback geared towards creating open dialogue amongst teens as well as with their caregivers. 

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