Who are We?

Sculpted Clay Productions is a theatre company that strives to inspire all minds–young and old– to reach their fullest potential by examining the world around them and providing a place to forge their individual and collective voices. To that end, we seek to produce thought-provoking theatrical works, present hands-on learning experiences to young adults in all aspects of theatre production, and provide a program of educational experiences, including workshops and classes, in all aspects of theatre catering to youth through adult.

Meet our founder and Artistic Director

Ayesis Clay

Ayesis has spent 15 years developing her skills as an actress, director, and teaching artist. Her vision for Sculpted Clay is simple: to use the transformational power of Theatre to encourage and strengthen relationships, social awareness, and mental health..

“Ayesis takes her work as a director seriously and only accepts the very best results from her cast, her crew, and herself. She’s incredibly sensitive to actors’ needs as she herself is an actor and has taught actors for over a decade. She’s one of those rare directors who know how to push actors to their best performances while maintaining a safe, supportive space.”

Stefaneé Martin, actress 

“Ayesis is the epitome of what an actor would want as a coach and a teacher. A great director… she’s able to adapt and show actors more than one way of building on a role and how to go about connecting with a character, embodying them, and executing it on stage.”

Isaiah Little, filmmaker

“She is inventive. She enjoys putting a spin on an existing work, and bringing a completely new idea to a piece. I’ve seen her turn Shakespeare’s works into both grunge/punk rock and old school hip-hop stories. I’ve witnessed this form of storytelling keeping the audience guessing and the actors excited to surprise them with more and more.”

Jovan Davis, actor

“Mrs. Clay always found a way to make learning intriguing. Whether it was learning the names of different stages or how to prepare for headshots, Mrs. Clay always kept me engaged in her classes.”

Lauren Miller, acting student, Columbia University  

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