Take Classes with Sculpted Clay Productions!

We provide a program of educational experiences, including workshops and classes, in various aspects of Theatre catering to youth through adult.

Individual Coaching for all acting levels- beginning, intermediate, and advanced!

Professional Development For Educators

We offer professional development workshops ranging from arts integration to mental health for educators!

Unicorn Teachers: Addressing Secondary Traumatic Stress in Education

Have you heard What people are saying?

With over 20 years of experience in theatre….

what are people really saying about Sculpted Clay?

Stefanee Martin,

"Ayesis comes to the classroom with a wide breadth of theatre knowledge and experience. My own foundation of theatrical training and learning was built under her instruction. As an actress who went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts for acting, I can say that Ayesis is one of the best teaching instructors in the DMV area (and ever!). She approaches teaching with the kind of patience, intuition, and expertise that is rare to find but so important and indispensable when you do find it."

Inetta Moore,

"Mrs. Clay is enthusiastic and extremely passionate when it comes to theater. I’m extremely grateful that two of my sons had an opportunity to be taught by Mrs. Clay."

Maleke Glee,
Senior Program Manager, PGAHC

"My favorite thing about classes with Ayesis was her individual attention; I always felt that my learning was catered specifically to my needs. Today as a museum professional, I see how the variety of skills and professional subsets of Sculpted Clay courses are transferrable to any profession."

Ava Carter,
Acting Student

"I honestly love Ayesis, she was my favorite thing about the classes. She made me feel very welcome, she was always so encouraging & she treated us with the upmost courtesy and respect."