Standing on the Edge

Argumentative. Sensitive. Dreamer. Invisible.



Stylized storytelling of five students navigating through the ups and downs of the high school years

Q&A Session

Handouts/Resources and a talkback after the performance with the cast and a certified mental health specialist from your area!


Led by a Master Teacher, this option puts YOUR STUDENTS on stage for the performance and prepares them to be "On the Edge" ambassadors!

Peer Counseling

Extend the experience with your students by chartering a Peer Counseling group to encourage deeper connections!

Follow five students from Freshman to Senior Year as they encounter bullying, crippling insecurities, peer and parental pressure, and overcoming trauma.

Suggested Audience: Grades 8-12

Strong Curriculum Connections

Common Core Connections

  • Connections to Common Core ELA Standards
  • Viewing Guide with suggested activities included
  • Deep dive study of standards provided with booking of residency

National Arts Standards

  • Residency provides an in depth study of theatre principles including:
  • Perceiving and analyzing artistic work
  • Relate personal experience to create art
  • Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen understanding.

Social/Emotional Learning

  • Negotiating changing relationships
  • Taking responsibility
  • Self-identity
  • Maintaining friendships in conflict

Choose which package is right for your school

Schools can choose between booking a stand alone performance of the play with professional actors or an extended residency in which YOUR STUDENTS take the stage with their own original pieces added to the script! 

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